Musings of a Creative

Originally posted on LinkedIn February 3rd, 2016



Here’s to the WISDOM of Creativity and Imagination. (compliments of John D. Rockefeller, Jr and his building prowess)

And… to providing a recap from last month’s creativity session.  Maybe even some food for thought.  The session involved mindful consideration around Habitats, the structures of our daily lives, as well as the connection that such structures have to Beginnings and Ends.

December and January traditionally have been the months in the business world where organizations reflect on what has happened and on what would be beneficial to accomplish for the future.   However, there are endless times throughout the year that one can and should think about Beginnings and Endings.  These periodic occasions have a habit of being circular in nature as well as evolvingconstantly.  At least, we can hope, if we have some intention toward continuous improvement.  One end leads to another place to start.

Every meeting, every project, and every day are natural times to utilize the  structure of beginnings and endings.  They can be highly detailed or simple, like the one here.  They provide the building blocks whereby everyone can be CLEAR on the intent.  Ben Franklin’s daily habit began with,

“What good shall I do this day?” and ended with “What good have I done today?”

A simple yet effective way to be productive and highly creative as evidence by his life.  Habitats are merely the structures that we put in place which set the frame for the activities which will be achieved.  At Posadoodle Point Creativity Sessions, we aim to emphasize that we have a lot more control over these structures than we believe we do.

Our environments

are a product of our own creation.

Jacob Neuszer, an academic scholar who seems to know a few things about teaching, gave a convocation speech in 1991 regarding the expectations of students and teachers.  His contention: Demand of yourself and your teachers beyond mere information but a WAY of learning that you can use every day for the rest of your life.  The Wisdom in great teachers (maybe even managers) is in stimulating a road to inquiry.  Would you believe that creativity development orktidzosthenics is just that?  A set of structure which leads to ever evolving invention and satisfaction!

Using over 3 million bricks, James May completed a full size home constructed entirely from standard Legos.  Steve Sammartino decided that using 1000+ pounds of stacked and combined Legos would be the perfect engineering feat for.building an air powered car.  However, an equally constructive and creative challenge can be had by simply using marshmallows.

  One quick activity.

They have the added bonus of being yummy to eat on completion.  Both James and Steve would tell you that their long time investment was more than beneficial not only from the learning that was achieved but also from the novel applications that were gained along the way.

Indeed the Lego creators would be proud of  the use of their combined Danish words “Leg” and “Godt,” meaning PLAY WELL.

If you would like your own personalized challenge, feel free to leave a comment below and I will give you one.  The one here was to create a structure using marshmallows and toothpicks for an occupation which would make the resident feel like 1 of the adjectives from the attribute phrase cards in green.  Any material or office supply type could be utilized

There are endless benefits to this exercise.  What are the 1st ones which come to your mind? Maybe from the perspective working environments?  If you start with some imagination, I am sure you will end by finding some formidable landing ground in Wisdom.