POSADOODLE POINT is a Consultancycropped-PosadoodlePoint3.png of Creativity which strives to strengthen organizations and people with increased productivity, resilience, flexibility, satisfaction and skill in connecting for the future.  We do this because :

  • 1)  We believe passionately that CREATIVITY is at the heart of what makes businesses and individuals Positively Productive and Fulfilled as Problem Solvers, Managers, Retailers, Entrepreneurs or whatever their occupation or role may be.
  • 2)  We recognize that workplaces often lack these attributes and would benefit from exercise and development of such
  • 3)  We know that CREATIVITY amplifies advantage for all when interspersed in the environments of work and everyday life through the central activities of Fun, Learning, and Accomplishment.
In a nutshell, Creativity maximizes human potential which creates purposeful jobs, drives economic growth, and provides answers to societal need.

Since self-portraits are often tricky, we will leave to others to more properly define for us.  However, for the purpose of this site, meet our consultants:

Lead Positive Do-er

I am Laurie Carson. a lifelong Play Agent who has an insatiable and active passion for  learning, people, and inventiveness.  Vacillating daily from 5 to 80 years old, I have a wide perspective on creat-abilty.

My scientific training, is in neural  biology and physiology having completed work at the University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, and North Carolina State University.
 I have had the privilege to work in many areas of business as well as life science not only at academic institutions but also at various companies, primarily the large global corporate variety.
For the last 5+ years, I have led efforts to foster Innovation by bringing about platforms, structures, and communication networks that utilize collective brain power and that strengthen acumen for CREATIVITY.  I am seemingly an advocate for adults to “enjoy” time being more child like and remembering their superhero-ness.
You can find out more about me though my Prezi.com presentations or articles I write on LinkedIn.  However, the best way to know more is to attend any of the Creativity Sessions for which I am a Charismatic Champion.  Currently, sessions are emPowering Creativity for the RTP.org’s Frontier Building.